I have’t really been asked these questions frequently, but I would not mind answering if I were.

How did you get into programming?

I wanted to make websites. Turns out, you need to write code, and so it began.

Do you like to Program?

Yes, very much. Programming enriches my life with meaningfulness that I don’t take for granted; I’m glad I found something I really like to do and that I want to be really good at.

When did you start to program?

I started to teach myself how to code in late 2019. I was 19 years old then.

What was your first Programming Language?

My first program was getting Hello World displayed by a browser via HTML, which is a markup language. My first ‘real’ programming language was Javascript.

Why Javascript?

Because it’s the scripting language for the web.

Which programming languages do you mostly use?

Javascript, Typescript, Rust, Lua, Bash, Racket, C.

Any favourite?

Yes, Rust.

Why Rust?

I’m into backend systems and Rust is a joy to work with in this domain. Besides the speed of a low-level language and memory safety, Rust’s rich type system and concepts like the Option and Result types make designing APIs a bliss.

Rust enables low level control without sacrificing expressiveness, productivity, or developer experience. Modern language concepts like pattern matching and generics, the Cargo package manager and solid development tools, all make working with Rust a joy. Lest I forget, the compiler which not only catches my mistakes before runtime, but also acts like a kind teacher and guides me on how to fix them.

Are you looking to learn a new language?

I’m always experimenting with a new language every now and then. Some that I’d love to get more into are Go, Erlang and Java.

How do you learn a new language, or topic?

I just search for resources(textbooks) that teach the topic on the internet, mostly Reddit, and watch tutorials on Youtube. The key is to learn actively by copying the stuff you learn word by word, until you can write it from memory. Obviously you have to understand something in order to be able to create it, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. So, basically, practice.

What Operating System are you running?

I’m running Fedora Linux, latest release.

How’s Fedora like?

Stable releases, fast startup, FOSS packages only, seamless upgrades, just works, awesome community. No complaints.

What text-editor do you use?


Besides Programming, what else do you enjoy?

I enjoy strolling immensely, especially somewhere there is trees. The good thing is I live close to a forest so I get to do it regularly.

Where do you live?

I live in the Miriga Mieru(new clans) region in the highland county of the Ameru, Kenya.

How’s it like over there?

It’s very beautiful. It’s a rich land covered by hills and innumerable streams. At home, we are blessed that a small stream passes through our shamba, and we are also just a few meters away from the Kirimaara(Mt.Kenya) forest.

forest pic

What do most people do for a living?

Most guys here are farmers; my parents too. We grow tea on our farm that’s sold to a factory and exported; we also keep cattle and poultry for milk and the eggs.

Have you always lived there?

I was born and grew up here, but I went to Nairobi for college and lived there for a while before coming back home last year.

What’s Nairobi like?

There’s a lot I love about Nairobi; there’s a vibrant street food culture, I enjoy Matatu rides, the streets are lively, and the girls beautiful. To quote the great author Karen Blixen, aka, Isak Dinesen of Out of Africa:

There’s no world without Nairobi’s streets.

Are there other places in the world you would like to visit?

Yes. I hope to visit every African country before I leave this world behind. I also have friends from many countries around the world like Sweden, the U.K, India, and the U.S that I’d love to meet physically some day. I’d love to visit Ensenada too, I hear they make delicious tacos over there. Also, it’s a theme in a song I really like: The Road to Ensenada, by Lylle Lovett.

What’s your favorite song?

My favourite song is Not Stranger Than Fiction, by Cult With No Name, take a listen.

More of this faq soon…