Hello, I’m Kirima and welcome to my place on the internet.


I’m a computer programmer, educator, and independent author with experience in web technologies, computer networks and communication protocols.

I consider myself a focused individual who can get things done. I write code(mostly backend), but I’m also interested in all areas of audio/video streaming. I’m currently hacking on Majiix, an opensource low-latency platform for web-based teleconferencing.

Before Majiix, I worked with a technical education agency to help train and onboard developers to the Rust Programming Language. If interested on learning more about me, please check out the faq.

Contact Me

For any inquiries regarding contracting or hiring, or if you’d just like to chat, reach out on:


I enjoy building things on the web. My primary stack includes Rust & Typescript. I have listed some of the languages/tools I have used or still use below; there are a lot more but these are the ones I deemed necessary to list: